04 December 2016

WTBH #203: Active Waiting

Advent is a season of waiting. Fr. Brian explains that for Christians this waiting is not passive, but active, as we eagerly anticipate Christ's return.

20 November 2016

WTBH #202: Jesus Christ King of the Universe

Proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the King of the Universe is a paradox. Fr. Brian explains what it means, and how this proclamation impacts our decisions and actions.

13 November 2016

WTBH #201: The Apocalypse, The Election and Fear

As our readings become more apocalyptic, and our nation is shown to be divisive, many people give into fear. Fr. Brian explains that Christianity is not marked by fear but by self-giving love.

06 November 2016

WTBH #200: The Eschaton, Love and Marriage

The Sadducees ask Jesus whose wife the woman will be, if there is a resurrection. Christ exposes their misunderstanding of the life of Heaven. Fr. Brian explains how our lives must be modeled on love, so as to give witness to the resurrection.

30 October 2016

WTBH #199: Salvation Comes to Your House

Jesus' encounter with the tax collector Zacchaeus serves as a model for the way in which Christ breaks into our lives. Fr. Brian explains how salvation comes to us, when we allow Christ to enter our lives, and bring about a sincere and profound conversion.

10 October 2016

WTBH #198: The In-Breaking of God's Kingdom

Fr. Brian speaks about the way in which the 9 thankless lepers missed the significance of what happened to them. He questions whether we are like them when we use science and technology, but fail to see the in-breaking of God's kingdom.

26 September 2016

WTBH #197: Wealth and Accountability

Fr. Brian preaches on the Gospel of the rich man and Lazarus, and calls us to become accountable for the many good things we have received.